Moments of Chance

Studio, Code

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Moments of Chance presents algorithmically generated images of complex beauty.

Each moment in the life of the work is unique, created using colors sampled from a database of 60,000 artworks chosen and placed at random. Blink and it is lost forever.

The exhibition presents both moving images on screen - you can see this by visiting the artwork link above - and digital prints of chosen frames.

Moments of Chance opened on July 13th at The Gentle Void.

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Texture Bombing

Street, Code

oblitus loco natura

Street, Paint

A new species lurks in the drains, tunnels and disused spaces of our landscape.

I've caught a few photos and had a few interactions. But for the most part they are a mystery.

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Graf Nailz @ #nextnextshow

Paint, Beer, Installation

Get that cool Graf Kid look - without the risk!



Studio, Code

A series of generitive landscape pictures based on the 10 most expensive paintings in the world.

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Nepal paintings

Street, Paint

The most challanging conversations I've had about my artwork were with the bystanders to these paintings. They were not satisfied with my non challant answers about the figures being just whimsical shapes.

So now they are - amongst other things - bannana spirits.

Faux Mo Installation

Studio, Code, Beer

Interactive sound installation collaboration with Pip Stafford & Andrew Harper.


Here Be Dragons

Installation, Code

I think I know things about the world because I read a lot and win Trivia Crack regularly. That I am an expert because we went to India that one time.

But my judgements are false and my vehement opinions often warrantless.

One day on the couch at my parents house I realised this. And then I made this.

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Muscle Masks

Street, Ink


Defendant 5 - On set Photographer


Defendant 5 is a film about a local film makers fight against Gunns.

I was onset as a photographer documenting the shoot for print and online collateral.

Vinyl Revival


A group show at Jimmys Skate & Street where all artists painted on records.


Code, Beer

Trapezium is a way to read the news that only lets you choose your news based on the senitment of the article.

It was made as part of a 48 hour hackathon by Dom Whittle, Matt McKellar-Spence, Josh Gillies and myself. There was a lot of beer.

Art Battles

Paint, Beer

Stu-Dawg organised a rad "Art Battle" at Jimmys Skate & Street. We painted some pretty inappropriate things. It was hilarious.

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Little Lamb - On set Photographer


Little Lamb is a 22 minute gothic thriller shot in Tasmania about the plight of a female convict.

I was onset as a photographer documenting the shoot for print and online collateral.


Grow Up

Paint, Photography, Beer, Studio

Grow Up was a collaboritive show between Martin Nester and myself. The show was about our years together as teenagers and took place on my 20th birthday.

The main piece of the show was a corner that was turned into an installation that represented our bedrooms.

Beer, Art, Film

Paint, Photography, Beer, Street

Located at Preachers BAF was 2 days full of paint on t-shirts, records, old spray cans and of course the main wall.

In the evening we showed a series of short films from Tasmanian film makers. A number of the artists involved also hung work inside.


Alphabetrix rises

Paint, Photography, Beer, Street

Alphabetrix was a collective of Tassie street artists that banded together to paint big walls and put on awesome events.

Pre 2010

Vinyl Vandals

Paint, Beer, Studio