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Browser History Public Library

Browser History Public Library: 12-19 February 2012

A temporary public library of what a 21 year old was doing on the internet a decade ago.

Ten years ago I spent a week saving the links to all websites I visited. I took 100 of the links, printed them as QR codes and put them in a sealed container; to be opened in 2022 and displayed in public. I was interested in how my web browsing behaviour, and the internet places I frequented, would evolve over time – and what other people thought of my habits.

Recently I opened the container and followed the instructions left by my younger self. I made some glue and pasted up the QR codes on a lazy Sunday evening. The first version of my Browser History Public Library was finally complete.

The next morning I swung past to have a coffee and see if there was any interest. I noticed a few inquiring glances but before anyone could start reading – my browser history was cleared.

A lot has changed on the internet since 2012, so perhaps this was for the best.